Revealed: The 20 Most Hated Celebrities

Let’s accept the fact that Jimmy Kimmel and Michael Strahan enjoys so much love when it comes to men of the Hollywood, perhaps due to their funny and relatable nature. But the same cannot be said for others, who are either hated by their coworkers or their fans, or both, for some reasons (very unusual in some cases). No one has the power to make everyone like them every time, but some actors in Hollywood have managed to capture the hearts of many, which is normal. On the other hand, there are others that cannot manage to hold down the reputation of likable men, no matter how hard they try (for those who try to, anyway). In this post, you will find which of these men fall into the Hollywood world and are most often hated in their circles.

#1 Joaquin Phoenix

Phoenix made a quick switch from being a movie star into being a rapper. The decision was shocking but more shocking was his follow-up actions after he quit the movies. He started donning dark glasses and a crazy long beard while acting weird most of the times. As his change of career, he had a change in attitude as well, and this made his fans have a change of mind about him too. They even become more disinterested when he came out with the news of doing a live sort of art project and that the whole stunt of career-switch was false. People felt manipulated and thus were angry.