Celebrities Who Are Heirs to Giant Fortunes

Some celebrities were just born lucky — becoming heirs to giant fortunes before they were even old enough to walk.

So, while Academy-award winning actor Viola Davis grew up in an environment where she realized she “was the kind of poor where I knew right away I had less than everyone around me,” and Leonardo DiCaprio’s single mother worked several jobs to support herself and her son, there were other future famous folk out there who never had to worry about saving pennies.

And we doubt they can relate to the plights of celebs like Hilary Swank, who lived in a car with her mother before she started landing roles, or rapper Missy Elliot, who resided in a trailer park in Jacksonville, N.C. Born into enormous wealth and privilege before they stepped foot on a red carpet, these very fortunate stars have fall-back plans in case their careers don’t work out. As children and grandchildren to musical icons or media bosses, these celebrities are heirs to giant fortunes. With any luck, you might be related to one of them.